Peace Palace I in Taipei’s Daan District

Taipei’s Chief Landmark Residence

Taipei’s Chief Landmark Residence—Peace Palace—located in the prime location of Daan District, with 38 stories high, it stands in a commanding position in the center of Taipei City. From the National Theater and National Concert Hall, the Shinkong Mitsukoshi Taipei Station branch, TAIPEI 101, Daan Forest Park, the Xindian River to Yuanshan and Datunshan Mountains, it offers a 360-degree overlooking view of scenery and prosperous sights of the Greater Taipei area. Designed with the golden ratio of classical architecture, Brazil's yellow stones and Giallo Santa Cecilta were covered on the exterior. Granite, columns, corner windows, and apical caps were added as if to crown the skyline in the center of Taipei City, thus becoming the new landmark of Taipei City’s center for people to look up at.

Italian master Lorenzo Tondelli was invited to Taiwan and he designed the dwelling space beyond imagination for wealthy Taiwanese with Italian aesthetic design combined with Oriental art style. The hall space was tailored with the furniture, lamp decorations, and space devices transported by air from Italy to Taiwan, the materials of which were strictly selected by the master and handcrafted by craftsmen. Elegant, delicate taste and quality and aesthetic design in line with international practice, the public hall space itself has become a work of art that will be handed on from age to age. A whole new paradigm was thus created for Taiwan’s luxury apartments in terms of architectural planning, overlooking views, spatial art, and other advantages. Not only did it immediately prompt international stars and celebrities to move in, it also becomes a landmark collection attracting great attention among rich people.

Overall planning:
38 floors above ground, 7 floors underground; the area of 1 unit is about 140 or 155 pings

Nearby environment:
NTNU commercial district

Service center :
No.101, Sec. 1, Heping E. Rd., Da’an Dist., Taipei City 106

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